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Philippine Insight Meditation Community hosts a year-round schedule of residential retreats, daylong retreats, workshops, and bi-weekly classes. Daylongs are suitable for beginning and experienced meditators (unless otherwise noted) and include basic meditation instructions.

For information about specific programs please refer to the links in the right sidebar menu. If you would like to browse through our calendar of up-coming events, you can click here.

In consideration of all participants, please do not wear scented personal care products to PIMC venues (including "natural" products). 


PIMC's intention is to make these teachings accessible to everyone, thus we maintain a donation based energy exchange for daylongs, classes and special events. No one will be turned away from daylongs and classes for lack of funds. Workshops and some special events are an exception to this policy. Fees to our residential retreats are kept as low as possible and are on a suggested donation basis.

General scholarships are available for residential retreats and special programs. For general retreat scholarship information, please contact us to learn more about financial assistance and scholarship information.

Dana (The Practice of Generosity)

The fee to attend an event goes toward PIMC's operating expenses. The teachings themselves are offered freely by your teacher, and students generally offer dana (the Pali term for the practice of generosity) in the form of a donation to the teacher at the end of the event. You can read more about the traditional offering of the teachings and dana here.


Suggested donation for retreats allows PIMC to keep programs affordable for those with limited financial means. We rely upon donations to cover all costs of the retreat venue, food, and operating costs.

workshop and Daylong Registration

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged for workshops and daylong events.  If you have registered, we will notify you if a program is canceled. Pre-registration is especially important for daylongs that include lunch, to ensure you receive your meal(s).

For directions to the Daylong, please click here.

What to Bring

  • Please bring your own reusable beverage container,  or other materials you need.
  • Some cushions are available; if you have a cushion, please bring it.
  • You will be asked to remove your shoes prior to entering the Hall; you may wish to wear or bring socks.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • In consideration of all participants, please do not wear scented personal care products to PIMC. This includes "natural" products and even scented laundry soaps.